Do you offer layaway/monthly payment plans?

Yes, we believe in assisting our customers with reasonable spending. Therefore, we have set up an innovative payment plan to make jewelry purchases more flexible for everyone.

Is credit needed and what is the interest rate?

No, the great news is that credit is not needed for our 0% interest-free payment program. There are absolutely zero interest charges so that our valued customers can utilize this flexible spending plan with a peace of mind.

How does the layaway/payment plan work?

Our customers have the option to decide on the length of term that is best for them between 1 to 6 months. 

An initial deposit of 10% is required to start the layaway plan. This will allow us to place the item(s) on hold to ensure that it is available to ship upon completion of the payment plan. Since many of our jewelry pieces are exclusive and are "one-of-a-kind," we will un-list the specific item(s) on layaway from our online market places in order to prevent it from being sold elsewhere. 

If a layaway plan is cancelled anytime prior to the final payment then we will issue a refund minus the initial 10% deposit. This 10% is considered store credit for future purchases. Layaway store credit expires exactly 1 year from the original date of cancellation.

How is the layaway/payment plan calculated?

The payment plan is calculated by dividing the total difference of the face value and the 10% initial deposit by the number of months that the customer opts to pay (between 1 to 6). 

Example: Ring Priced at $1000 and customer wants a 6 month layaway plan.

Initial Deposit: $100 (10% of $1000)
Monthly Payment: $150 (Remaining $900 divided by 6 months)

How can I request to be set-up for a layaway plan?

Simply message us with the request, and we will have you set-up as quickly and easily as possible.

We can do this via PayPal invoicing. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions and someone will get back to you shortly.