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David K. - Monday, April 4, 2016

David K - Ace of Diamonds - Yelp ReviewFinally get to write my review for Ace of Diamonds! I was referred to them by one of my friends. Michael was super professional about the whole process, also was very up front that he was here to help me find a perfect diamond to my liking. I actually started sometime last year in November, when I was doing my research. He was able to find an amazing diamond for an amazing price as well. The process was actually pretty quick and the response time was fast as well. When mid February came around I was ready to get my setting made for the diamond, I reached out to him again and he was there to help in that process as well. I asked for a specific style and liking that my girlfriend wanted. He was able to make a sketch of it and got it designed in two weeks. The day I picked up the ring, he had it ready in a cool box with an LED light facing right on the ring! The ring was exactly what she wanted! I waited to write this review as I proposed to her on our trip to Korea! Thank you Michael and your team at Ace of Diamonds. I appreciate the professionalism and the amazing service you provided.



Lisa H. - Sunday, July 3, 2016

Lisa H. - Ace of Diamonds - Yelp ReviewI am beyond obsessed with my oval ring! We're so thankful for Mike and Linda who helped my fiancé through the entire process! Mike was very professional, knowledgeable, and extremely responsive. Mike made it simple and we're very pleased with the results. Overall, Mike's pricing beat all other jewelers he had shopped. He originally proposed on a solitaire, then we came back weeks after to design the actual setting. (Thank goodness! Guys, just leave it to the pro or her! Hahah) I would highly recommend Ace of Diamonds for: best pricing, trustworthy, good service, and overall industry knowledge.

Tip: he's great with all different shapes and that's soooo important! Other jewelers who are only familiar with popular shapes will try to talk you out of it. Thank you Ace of Diamond!